Magazine Subscriber Services - The All-In-One, Fast, Simple, and FREE Magazine Subscription Service. You have 100% Control Over Hundreds of Magazine Subscriptions from One Site!
Magazine Subscriber Services is a free, fast and simple all-in-one solution for your entire magazine customer service needs, regardless of where you ordered from. Whether you have one subscription or a dozen, using our site for Address Change, Billing Questions, Missed Issues, Subscription Status, or Duplicate Issues is a lot easier than navigating through confusing publisher sites. You can even compare prices for the best deal including delivery in Canada, back issues and digital subscriptions!

Dealing with publishers directly can be an ordeal, especially if you want to cancel. If you have several subscriptions it can take all day! We make it simple, fast, free, and online. Just find your magazine then click on the option you are looking for. No searching around for publisher contact information, no staying on hold for half the day - you can easily use the links to publisher contact form and email them instead.

We have hundreds of magazines in our system and we are always adding more, but if you cannot find a magazine please email us and we will do our best to find it for you!

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